The Lansdowne Mall represents the most significant redevelopment opportunity in the City of Richmond as it consists of over 20 ha (50 acres) in the core of the City extending for a full city block on the No. 3 Road central corridor as well as hosting one of the Canada Line Stations.

Our firm was invited to be a key participant in the study whose objectives were numerous including maximizing the development potential, creating a new ‘Centre of the City’ concept with a pedestrian civic plaza focused on a landmark building on No. 3 Road for community gatherings and celebrations, a significant central park, a wide mix of housing, commercial, office spaces and medical facilities. Provision would also be made for a wide variety of community facilities such as a library, day care centers and a senior’s center.  Jogging tracks and walking trail would also be integrated.  Staging of the redevelopment was important so the existing commercial space could be maintained while the new spaces were being constructed.  All parking would be either in an underground lot or multi-level parkade except for a few focused exceptions possibly servicing the senior’s centre and like facilities. 

The plan proposes nearly 42,000 sq. m. (450,000 sq. ft.) of mixed use development and would completely alter the face of Richmond and move the Centre of the City north from the No. 3 Road and Westminster Highway to the new location housing significant community amenities and critical public spaces now lacking at the location to the south.