Washi Beam, a large Japanese industrial manufacturing company, held several large parcels of land immediately west of the Ironwood Shopping Centre on Steveston Highway.  They had previously applied to zone the lands for commercial use but the application had stalled and they were in jeopardy of having the rezoning application fail and lose any opportunity to reapply in the immediate future.

Our firm was retained to ensure the rezoning application was successfully completed on time and resolve the issues that were preventing the application from proceeding.  The prime concern was the completion of Coppersmith Place, a vital road connection between the Horseshoe Industrial Park and Steveston Highway.  We were successful in negotiating a resolution that allowed the owner to dedicate the road but retain a small strip of land that would be required for Ironwood to have access to the new Coppersmith Place.  

The sale of this strip to Ironwood for access was sufficiently substantial to compensate the owner for the complete dedication of the right-of-way.  The remaining issues of legal consolidation and land use fell into place once the road issue was satisfactorily resolved.  With the rezoning completed the owner was able to market the parcel as commercial land and today the site houses the Canadian Tire store, Tim Hortons and a variety of retail outlets.