The Fraserwood Corporate Centre is a strategically located 73 acre modern industrial park with both architectural and landscape controls.  The developer, Beutel Goodman Real Estate Group of Toronto, required complete and comprehensive project management services to create this unique and environmentally sensitive corporate business park.

As the lead consultant of a team of planners, engineers, landscape architects and surveyors we were challenged in a wide variety of areas and disciplines.  In order to successfully complete the Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Subdivision of the property we were required to remove an existing railway line, relocate a major B.C. Hydro power transmission line while removing another transmission line and complete a road exchange with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways 

Located on the north bank of the Fraser River it was necessary to resolve a comprehensive list of environmental issues with respect to protecting the foreshore and riparian habitat areas while also preserving and expanding the habitat areas adjacent to the existing drainage ditches behind the dyke.  As part of that program the existing vegetation was quantified, sectional details were developed to illustrate buffer areas and building setbacks from sensitive areas and new native species of vegetation were planted to ensure sufficient protection of the slough and intertidal area of the Fraser River.

In addition we undertook to create a wetland enhancement area to compensate for the loss of a vegetation corridor and slough on site.  As part of the open space requirement a parcel of land was dedicated and developed as a staging area for the continuation of Richmond’s waterfront trail system.  The facility includes parking, picnic and restroom facilities, interpretive signage and a bridge connecting to the dyke trail.