Following a decision by the Provincial Government to return 2,600 acres of the Roberts Bank Superport Backup Lands to private ownership, the British Columbia Assets and Land Corporation (BCAL) created a team of specialized consultants to deal with the wide variety of issues complicating the ownership transfers.

The responsibility as lead consultant was to coordinate the successful creation of rationalized parcels of farmland that could be offered for sale either to the original owners, leaseholders or other farming interests.  Since many of the old farm roads had been constructed on only gazetted parcels or actually on the farm parcels, detailed surveys and legal searches were required to ensure the ultimate subdivided parcels made allowances for properly dedicated roads and the adjoining ditches and right-of-ways for municipal services.

Within this farm community Delta had identified several original homes and farm buildings as having significant heritage value.  Working with Delta and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) several innovative initiatives were created to help ensure the long term preservation of these valuable heritage assets.

During the process Delta and the British Columbia Transit Financing Authority were contemplating possible alignments for the East Ladner Bypass to reduce the traffic loads on Highways 17 and 10.  The ultimate subdivision plan had to accommodate and preserve the necessary corridor for the eventual construction of this new highway.

The subdivision of parcels and realignment of property lines to create desirable and functional farm units required the approval of the ALC. Significant negotiations and coordination with that body, Delta and provincial agencies was required to create an overall legal plan that accomplished the goals of all the prime participants.