City Square Shopping Centre is one of the most unique shopping centres ever built in Vancouver. Starting with the historic Model School and Normal School Heritage buildings the challenge was to incorporate a modern shopping centre and office complex into the existing Heritage building facades. A large high rise residential complex was created on the remaining adjacent parcel of land.

Serving as Project Manager and working closely with the owner/developer we led a team of architects and retail marketing specialists to create a specialized urban shopping facility that serves as a landmark in the City.

Although the City had just completed a design and public review process to rezone the property for specific land uses we were able to amend the new proposal to incorporate the land uses and mixes to facilitate our Client’s vision for the property and successfully complete the acquisition and development of the revised project.

The result of our work was a truly unique office and shopping complex that satisfied not only our Client’s needs but those of the City of Vancouver to protect and preserve these valuable heritage resources by convincing the City we could accomplish their newly formed expectations for the site while meeting the many needs of tenants and end users of the project, including the City itself.

The two 5 story office towers total 120,000 sq. ft. and the 2 level enclosed retail mall totals 135,000 sq. ft. creating a complex of 255,000 sq. ft. of inspired shopping and work space.  The project also includes innovative day school and playground space for the City of Vancouver City Hall staff and 950 parking stalls that services both the commercial and office complex as well as overflow parking for the City Hall.