As the Senior Planner on an international team of Planners and Architects, we led a comprehensive planning process in an International Design Competition to prepare a comprehensive city-wide plan with special emphasis on key economic, cultural and infrastructure highlights.  The Plan was designed to create an organic, open and modernized metropolis in Ganzhou through a new round of city development so that it will provide the engine for the full development of the surrounding regions.  The Plan focused on three major precincts of the city outlined below.

Our outstanding team was awarded a prestigious Silver Medal for our comprehensive analysis, unique and thoughtful redevelopment concepts and visually stunning graphic depictions of the City of Ganzhou’s future potential.

Ancient City Wall

Ganzhou is a “National Class City of Culture” and one of the key elements is an ancient city wall that protects and surrounds most of the Ancient City Precinct.  The preservation and enhancement of this 3,600 metre long heritage structure was paramount to developing a thriving tourism industry and preserving the history and culture of the City and region.

Three Rivers, Six Shores

Built strategically at the confluence of the Zhangjiang, Gongjiang and Ganjiang Rivers the City Master Plan identified significant opportunities for important economic and tourist activities, social and historical activities as well as parks, open spaces, vistas and environmental enhancement.

Hangzidadao Road Precinct

The 3,416 metre long Hangzidadao Road is not only a main traffic thoroughfare through Ganzhou but a major economic driver and the focus of significant social and cultural activities.  It has been classified as a “National Commercial Model Street”.  The redevelopment of this central spine involved enhancing the traffic capacities of the road itself but more importantly integrating it into the fabric of the many social and cultural activities through the development of a more human scale and sympathetic edge with landscape, street furniture, lighting and architecture in the adjoining neighbourhoods.