The redevelopment of an existing older 28 unit rental apartment building in central Ladner presented a number of challenges and opportunities.  To address these issues we assembled a team of talented design professionals to create a new unique design for this difficult site.  The redesigned building created 69 new units; 42 market condos, 27 market rentals and 7 rent controlled studio units for challenged adults. 

As an existing rental apartment building with many long term tenants it was imperative that we engage with these tenants at an early stage in the process.  An Open House was organized to discuss the redevelopment with the tenants and their families even before we approached the City with our proposal.  A process to assist with relocation and a schedule for payments and assistance to support the relocation was developed to ease the burden of finding new accommodations and the opportunity to return to the new building.

A unique building design and format was developed to improve the opportunity for a more sustainable project and increase the development of a sense of community within the complex.  The architectural design features a central courtyard with exterior walkway access that allows for more natural light penetration and cross ventilation to the units for more comfortable climate controlled units throughout the year.

A tri-party agreement between the owner, the City of Delta and a local non-profit association secured seven studio units at a guaranteed subsidized rent for challenged adults who were living independently.  This integration of specialized units within the rental portion of the project was viewed as a real positive by the City, the non-profit, the new tenants and their families as well as the owner.